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⚡️White label & API

Make our marketplace of deals available to all your users, effortlessly and accessible from your platform and website.

We all like to save money...

Our solution lets you give all your users access to our deals directly from our platform. All thisin your colors and with no limits.
We work with assignment platforms, portage companies, incubators/accelerators, startup studios, VCs, coworking firms, freelance groups and communities, and entrepreneurial collectives all over the world.

Zero technical stress: we take care of everything!

Every month, dozens of freelancers, SMEs and start-ups search, compare and benefit from the best discount on software and tools.

Our White Label can be set up in just a few minutes without the help of an experienced developer!

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We do everything for you!

No more interns setting up and maintaining partnerships.
No more hours spent setting up and negotiating discount on the best tools for your community. 

We do it for you. So you can focus on other strategic partnerships!

Offer our services on your behalf

Freelance Stack offers white-label services. 

You can offer your customers all our products directly on your website using our API.

Fitting is quick and easy, with no friction required.
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Boost your appeal, your usage rate and your NPS

Save your community money and provide them with a tangible service!

Measure the success of your platform with our monthly reports and boost your NPS and the satisfaction of your users and customers. 
I accelerate my attractiveness with Freelance Stack

Min. 150€

 / months
Assignment platform, umbrella company, incubator/accelerator, startup studio, coworking space, freelance group or community, entrepreneurial collective...
Platform with your colors
Personalized domain name
Complete white label (not just your logo...)
4 types of integration possible with API
Deals management & Discounts
Add your own deals & categories
Statistical tools
Ultra-reactive dedicated support

Let's discuss it together!

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FAQ White Label

Our solution allows you to offer your customers new services and save them money!
What do we offer with the white label?
The white label solution enables you to offer Freelance Stack free of charge to your customers. Your users will be able to access discount from your solution. This access will be fully customized and branded to your corporate identity.
What types of customers can white label?
Freelance Stack is a platform for saving money on business software used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and companies. Our customers include freelancers, consultants, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as retailers and craftsmen. As soon as your users are present on the web and digital, they'll be able to make savings with our White Label.
How much does it cost?
The price for white label access is a minimum of €380 (excl. VAT) per months. The price depends solely on the number of customers accessing the platform, and therefore on the size of your community.
What will my customers have access to?      
Your customers will be able to access all the deals offered by Freelance Stack without having to create an account or pay a subscription.
What can I customize?
You can customize everything. That's the beauty of white labeling!
Can I add, delete or modify deals?
Yes, you can add your own deals, and delete or modify deals already available on the white-label platform. Your users can also submit deals for us to negotiate on their (and your!) behalf.
Can I access usage statistics?
Our white-label solution gives you real-time access to statistics that enable you to understand how your users use the platform: pages visited, deals used, etc.
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