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Code-free automations & data extraction
No-code automations and data extraction. Chain actions and data extraction across the web to generate business leads, marketing audiences, and overall growth.
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25% off on annual plan

All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
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All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
General Information

June 2024 -

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Benefit from a discount of 25% off on annual plan on PhantomBuster.

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Software Information 


Here's how it works

Automate any action you can do on the web:

Phantombuster can do almost any action your behalf on the web. It's efficient, fast, and works 24/7 from the cloud.

Planning and triggering actions:

Configure your actions to run automatically. Program a rhythm, trigger, and customization, even if you're not coding.

Extract data from the web:

Turn any corner of the web into a data source. Use it for your CRM, database, social media, and much more.

On-line automation to create advanced workflows:

Easily create your workflows or modify proven ones with professional salespeople, marketers, and growth hackers.

Automate simple actions

LinkedIn Network Booster:
Automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message;

LinkedIn Profile Scraper:
This LinkedIn scraper will collect all the data from a LinkedIn profile list, including emails!
Start scratching LinkedIn now!

Instagram auto-tracking:
The most popular Instagram automation: Auto-follow and auto-unfollow on Instagram like a pro.

Twitter Auto Follow:
Automatically follow a list of Twitter profiles.

Export LinkedIn Search:
Automatically scrape and export the results of a LinkedIn search to a Google/Excel spreadsheet or Json file.

Instagram Follower Collector:
List all profiles that follow Instagram influencers.

LinkedIn Company Information:
From a list of companies, find all their information LinkedIn.

Sales Navigator search export:
Collect LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results.

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