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Alternative to GRABLTD:
Freelance Stack

Compare the two discount platforms for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups with complete transparency. Our comparison will save you time and money!

Why choose Freelance Stack over Grabltd?

Freelance Stack offers +450 deals for €45, while GRABLTD offers 260 deals for €149.
more discounts

The best tools

450+ Premium deals vs. 940+ at GRABLTD.

The software offered by Grabltd is very often of poor quality. They are not negotiated by Grabltd, but proposed by the software publishers.
cheaper subscription

We are more expensive

Our subscription rates are affordable and suitable for everyone (startups and freelancers).

Our membership pays off, because our deals are with well-known tools that we've specially negotiated.
no commission

No commission

We earn no commission top of your membership. 

Our remuneration is transparent. It allows software publishers to maintain profitability so they can continue to grow!

Comparisons between Freelance Stack and GRABLTD

Freelance Stack is the platform with the most discount and the largest community in Europe, with over 45,000 Premium customers.
Number of deals available 
Subscription price
Remuneration sales generated
Several deals available per tool (Freelance / Startup)
Community size
Delivery times and customer service quality
Information tools and functions

Freelance Stack

45 €
discount for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
+ 450
45 €
+ 45k


0 €
discount for solopreneurs.
+ 967
0 €
Not communicated
Freelance Stack is the platform offering the most discount on all the best tools and software dedicated to freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and startups. Our service has been around since 2019 and allows you to save money on +450 tools allowing you to save hundreds of euros while growing your business through the use of these software. This analysis was carried out in December 2023 on the Freelance Stack and Grabltd websites.

Register for free!

10% off on membership for Grabltd users.

Our marketplace saves you thousands of euros

We offer you over 400 deals classified by tool type, Categories, usage and a list of our favorite tools. Benefit from easily from an average of +35% off discount on these world-renowned software and SaaS products. Our users save up to €50,000!

What our Premium members think

+ More than 45,000 freelancers benefit from our promo codes and discount ❤️ !
Freelance Stack helped me save money when I launched my freelance business.
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Deals seem too good to be true. In reality, they work. Thank you Bruno and Freelance Stack !
user image freelance stack


TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Freelance Stack is a gold mine. I've set up my own startup and saved hundreds of euros thanks to the deals on offer.
user image freelance stack


TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Freelance Stack offers the best deals to all our freelancers and consultants: a real palette of indispensable services!
user image freelance stack


TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Freelance Stack allows me to find the best tools, and, above all, to benefit from exclusive promo codes (I haven't found better anywhere else)!
user image freelance stack


TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Thank you !!!!! for the deals you negotiated for me following my online request! I saved +350€ for my small business and its development.
user image freelance stack


TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
La paradis! Freelance Stack is the ideal partner for startups, enabling everyone to make considerable savings. Validated in startups but also when I was a freelancer!


United States
Freelance Stack is really a platform I would have loved to have when I started out. There are constantly new discount. Registration refunded in minutes. Frankly, for 45€ a year, it's a gift! Thanks again Bruno for all your hard work.


Cloud credits galore! Thanks to the development of the platform. I've saved +5000€ in credits.


Perfect kit to develop my startup. In addition to the sound advice, the selection enabled me to save +8,000€ on tools for the box. Thanks Bruno!


Freelance Stack is THE resource for startups and successful entrepreneurs. You'll easily save more than the cost of a subscription. Their customer support is responsive. Highly recommend!


South Africa
I'd recommend it! As a freelancer for 7 years, I was able to update my practices and the software I was using to develop my business. Bruno advised me and negotiated new discount just for me. Result: savings of 250€. Thanks again to Freelance Stack , whom I recommend to all my friends.


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