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What our Premium members think

+ More than 45,000 freelancers benefit from our promo codes and discount ❤️ !
Freelance Stack helped me save money when I launched my freelance business.
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Deals seem too good to be true. In reality, they work. Thank you Bruno and Freelance Stack !
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Freelance Stack is a gold mine. I've set up my own startup and saved hundreds of euros thanks to the deals on offer.
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Freelance Stack offers the best deals to all our freelancers and consultants: a real palette of indispensable services!
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Freelance Stack allows me to find the best tools, and, above all, to benefit from exclusive promo codes (I haven't found better anywhere else)!
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
Thank you !!!!! for the deals you negotiated for me following my online request! I saved +350€ for my small business and its development.
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TrustPilot Reviews Freelance Stack
La paradis! Freelance Stack is the ideal partner for startups, enabling everyone to make considerable savings. Validated in startups but also when I was a freelancer!


United States
Freelance Stack is really a platform I would have loved to have when I started out. There are constantly new discount. Registration refunded in minutes. Frankly, for 45€ a year, it's a gift! Thanks again Bruno for all your hard work.


Cloud credits galore! Thanks to the development of the platform. I've saved +5000€ in credits.


Perfect kit to develop my startup. In addition to the sound advice, the selection enabled me to save +8,000€ on tools for the box. Thanks Bruno!


Freelance Stack is THE resource for startups and successful entrepreneurs. You'll easily save more than the cost of a subscription. Their customer support is responsive. Highly recommend!


South Africa
I'd recommend it! As a freelancer for 7 years, I was able to update my practices and the software I was using to develop my business. Bruno advised me and negotiated new discount just for me. Result: savings of 250€. Thanks again to Freelance Stack , whom I recommend to all my friends.


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We're trying to keep it simple ✅

How to take advantage of Freelance Stack discount

To take advantage of discount & promo codes, simply create an account. You can choose between two formulas: Freemium (free) and Premium (paid).

How do I know if I'm eligible for deals?

All the explanations you need to benefit from discount are detailed on each deal page. The process to benefit from discount is simple. We negotiate each deal with our publishing partners.

Can I use a deal if I'm already a solution user?

Deals are generally intended for new customers UNLESS otherwise indicated on the deal. Deals that offer credits are generally also available to existing customers of the software. 

I've asked to take advantage of a deal but I've had no reply from the publisher. What can I do?

If you have a problem accessing discount, write to us at . We're sure to find a solution!

I can't find the discount of my dreams: what can I do?

If you can't find discount for the product, tool or solution of your dreams, nothing could be simpler: simply express your need from your personal space. We will then try to negotiate a discount for you!

How does the annual renewal of my subscription work?

When you subscribe to the premium offer, it is automatically renewed on an annual basis. If you wish to cancel the renewal, you can do so directly from your account.





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