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Premium Deal
The visual builder for your tech stack.
Create stunning visual content and pages, seamlessly integrating no-code into your codebase. Unblock your teams and ship lightning fast.
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20% off to 40% off on plan

All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
This deal requires you to create a new account to benefit from the discount. It is reserved for new customers

All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
General Information

June 2024 -

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Benefit from discount from 20% off to 40% off on plan proposed by Plasmic.

Save 20% off to 40% off on plan on any offer at Plasmic thanks to our exclusive partnership.

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Software Information 


3 steps to seamless collaboration between developers and content creators:

  1. Developers add Plasmic, registering components for drag-and-drop.: Specify where Plasmic designs should show up. Optionally register your own components for the content team to use as building blocks in the visual editor.
  2. Content creators build stunning pages and experiences.: Create bespoke landing pages and any other free-form content in record time, using Plasmic's best-in-class web design tool. Use dynamic data from any data source, or use Plasmic's built-in headless CMS.
  3. Publish without developer involvement: Let developers Focus on code, not pixel-pushing. Let marketing and design teams iterate lightning fast to drive conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty.

Developers: remove code, eliminate tickets:

  • Bring your own components.
    Equip editors with everything from sections to design systems to production data to interactive effects. Optionally restrict edits to use only given components. Truly customize and extend the platform.
  • Integrate anywhere.
    From Jamstack sites to headless commerce to logged-in apps to WordPress/Shopify sites. From full pages to sections to components. Connect with any data source. Bring Plasmic to any stack.
  • No-compromise performance and quality.
    Static build support. Image and bundle optimization. Clean code generation. Core Vitals best practices. Edge CDN serving. And more.

Content creators the page builder you'll enjoy using:

  • Creative freedom and speed.
    Stop using a CMS to build highly visual landing pages, and stop waiting on developers to make adjustments. Drag and drop visually with design freedom to create stunning experiences.
  • Unrivaled web design tool.
    Multiplayer. Keyboard-first design. Components. Tokens. Variants. Responsive tokens. Built for speed. Editable built-in design system.Version history. And more.
  • Hit the ground running.
    Grab a professionally designed template and go. Or use the Figma plugin to convert mockups into real web content.
  • Any data source, including built-in CMS.
    Create structured databases of content with ease, including internationalized content. Or connect with any built-in integration. Drag and drop into your pages.

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