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Intelligent Time Tracking App.
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Apploye is an all-in-one time and productivity management tool that helps you monitor your employees. You can measure your employees' productivity with activity level metrics, daily and weekly timesheets, reports and random screenshots.

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#1 Intelligent Time Tracking App for In Office, Mobile and Remote Teams.
Track time & Increase your team's efficiency by 20%. That's an extra day every week.

All In One Time Management Software For Businesses Of All Size.

  • Track time with Apploye's desktop app with a single START click & focus on work. Clock-in & out feature right inside the desktop app to manage shift & staff attendance.
  • Use Pomodoro timer to do deep work and remained focused. Periodic break & work cycle boosts productivity.
    IDLE TIME feature reminds long time inactivity & gives friendly nudge to work.
  • Track Time From Anywhere. Hassle Free Clock In & Out On The Go With Mobile App
  • Track Time On Job Sites Geofencing Attendance & GPS Tracking
  • Track time from mobile app

Time Tracking :
Accurate time tracking for you and your team from Desktop & Mobile app.

Attendance And Leave ManagementComing Soon :
Create shift for your team members and track attendance. Track your staff's attendance & Manage leave requests.

Reporting & Dashboard :
Your command center of operation. Remain updated with key metrics of your team's performance & take data driven decision.

Task Management :
Create & Assign task & measure time worked on the task.

ScheduleComing Soon :
Google Calendar like schedule for teams. Assign tasks to your team members & schedule it.

GPSTrack - Field Service :
Optional add-on to track staffs GPS location, manage field service

Remote-Track - Optional Employee / Staff Monitoring :
Optional Add-on to track & monitor productivity of remote staffs & contractors.

Projects & Budgeting :
Manage projects, track time on projects, assign roles & keep your budget on track.

Client & Invoice :
Create your own client database & Invoice them on work done.

Team & Admin :
Manage settings and Administrative roles from your command center.

Payroll & Members :
Manage team members & pay your team accurately according to the hour worked.

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