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The efficiency of a help desk with the familiarity of email
Front is a customer operations platform that enables teams to streamline communication and deliver exceptional service at scale.
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20% off during 12 months

All our deals are negotiated by our team to give you the best discount and are updated regularly.
This deal is available to new customers or customers on a free plan of the tool.

All our deals are negotiated by our team to give you the best discount and are updated regularly.
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july 2024 -

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Benefit from a discount of 20% off during 12 months on Front.

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A lot goes into keeping customers happy. Keep it all in Front:

  • Shared inbox
  • Team collaboration
  • Knowledge Base
  • Omnichannel
  • Insights & analytics
  • Automated workflows
  • Live chat
  • Integrations

It's not or. It's and:

Choosing a customer communication solution is hard - but with Front, it's not. Front is the only inbox built for collaboration, visibility, and efficiency at scale.

Automation and attention:

Front automatically aggregates & routes customer conversations from your channels, ensuring every message gets to the right person.

Speed and personalization:

With Front, personalization doesn't slow teams down. Every conversation is surrounded by customer history, relevant data, and built-in collaboration so teams can work behind the scenes to craft better responses, faster.

Measure customer happiness and team performance:

You can't improve what you can't measure. With a new kind of visibility into both customer experience and team efficiency, you're always a click away from a complete, 360° view of business impact.

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