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Data automation software for ambitious ops teams
Captain Data is a no-code platform that extracts, aggregates, and integrates data. Scale your sales and ops workflows while spending up to 90% less time managing automations.
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3 months free

All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
This deal is available to new customers or customer on a free plan.

All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
General Information

June 2024 -

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Software Information 


Grow your business with web data automation.

Without effective automations, you can't extract, enhance, or control your data properly and your teams fall behind as a result.

Data Extraction: Create databases of leads and companies from 30+ sources like LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, and even your CRM.

  • Find companies that recruit
  • Track job switches
  • Find people from domains

Data Enrichment: Enrich your databases with web data across 200+ data points and third-party data providers.

  • Enrich domain names
  • Enrich company names
  • Enhance profiles with email

Workflow Automation: Hundreds of ready-made automations so you don't have to build them: no more maintenance or engineering headaches.

  • Push leads to CRM
  • Push leads to campaigns
  • Push leads to campaigns

Helping your busiest ops teams grow: Captain Data drives measurable growth in productivity, with reliable automations that improve your lead quality.

The most advanced data automation platform: Captain Data is the go-to data automation platform for generating a predictable sales pipeline at scale with the best data quality on the market.

Unify your data: Captain Data integrates multiple data sources, tools, and APIs into a single, all-in-one platform.

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