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The simplest way to create beautiful forms & surveys.
Say goodbye to boring forms. Meet Tally — the free, intuitive form builder you’ve been looking for.
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-50% sur l'abo. annuel

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Ce deal n'est disponible que si vous êtes un nouveau client ou client sur un plan gratuit de l'outil.

Garantie de satisfaction : 
Tous nos les deals sont négociés avec chaque partenaire par notre équipe et sont mis à jour régulièrement.
💡Nouveaux clients seulement : 
Ce deal n'est disponible que si vous êtes un nouveau client ou client sur un plan gratuit de l'outil.

novembre 2023 -

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Profitez d’une réduction de -50% sur l'abo. annuel sur les services proposées par Tally

Economisez -50% sur l'abo. annuel sur l’adhésion à une offre chez Tally grâce à notre partenariat exclusif. 

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N’attendez plus et économisez -50% sur l'abo. annuel sur les services proposés par Tally.

Information sur  le logiciel 


A form builder like no other :

Tally makes it simple for anyone to build free online forms. No need to code — just type your questions like you would in a doc.

  • Just start typing :Tally is a new type of online form builder that works like a text document. Just start typing on the page and insert blocks same as Notion.
  • Privacy-friendly form builder :Your data privacy and security are our top priorities. We are GDPR compliant and treat your data with care and confidentiality.

Simple but powerful :

Advanced features packed in a simple form builder. It couldn’t be easier to create forms that convert.

  • Build any form in seconds :Easily create online forms using our wide range of free input blocks. Collect contact info, files, signatures, payments, and much more. Build everything from surveys to quizzes to lead generation forms.
  • Contact info :Collect names, addresses, phone numbers, emails & links.
  • Accept payments :Create checkout forms without code.
  • Signatures :Accept e-signatures and streamline contract signing.
  • Rate & rank :Let users share their opinions using visually simple ratings, scales, and rankings.
  • File uploads :Collect images, PDFs, video and audio files.
  • Date & Time :Allow respondents easily select date and time.

Craft intelligent forms :

Our smart features make it easy to turn your forms into a tailored experience for every respondent.

  • Conditional logic :Build dynamic forms that adapt based on prior inputs or external data. Show and hide blocks, insert branching, or calculate values to create a personalized form experience.
  • Calculator :Use variables to create dynamic content and calculate values, scores, prices and more.
  • Hidden fields :Pass data to your form with URL parameters. Include UTM parameters or personal data for a customized experience.
  • Answer piping :Mention answers from earlier questions to personalize your form.
  • Email notifications :Send tailored emails to yourself and respondents.
  • Redirect on completion :Forward respondents to another web page.
  • Pre-populate fields :Save time by pre-filling form fields with data you already have about respondents.
  • reCAPTCHA :Protect your forms from spam and bots.
  • Partial submissions :Capture unfinished form submissions.

Make forms uniquely yours :

Easily customize the design and layout to fit any form to your brand.

  • Customize your form :Use our pre-made themes or create your own design by customizing colors, fonts, buttons, and more.
  • Column layout :Display content side-by-side using columns.
  • Custom CSS : Inject custom CSS to fully control your form design.
  • Images :Add a logo, cover image and embed visuals.
  • Embed online content :Embed YouTube, Calendly, Maps, and more.
  • Multi-page forms :Create a single-page or multi-page form.
  • 40+ supported languages :Translate the default form messages for respondents worldwide.

Share with your audience :

Tailor how you share and display forms to connect with your audience across platforms.

  • Embed :Seamlessly embed your forms into your website, landing page, or Notion. Whether you use WordPress, Webflow, Framer, or any other website builder, integrating Tally forms into your web pages is simple.
  • Popup :Create an eye-catching popup form for your website in seconds.
  • Tally links :Share your unique Tally form link with anyone.
  • Custom domains :Host forms on your own (sub)domain to create branded form links.

Connect your favorite tools :

Save time using popular integrations to sync your form submissions.

  • Notion
  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable
  • Webhooks
  • Slack
  • Coda
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Zapier
  • Make
  • Pipedream
  • And many more

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