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Customer support while increasing your sales!
45% off on the plan
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Tidio combines live chat and chatbot tools to help you provide superb customer service and generate more sales.

➡️ Tidio:45% off on the plan.

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A powerful, all-in-one customer service tool. One compact solution that will delight your customers and boost your sales.

Live Chat :
Half of online customers prefer live chat to any other communication channel.

  • Connect Tidio to all websites and platforms via dedicated plugins, without coding.
  • Tidio's live chat widget adapts to your customers' screens, so they can write to you on mobile and tablet.
  • Our live chat widget is customizable: you can change its location and color to match the aesthetics of your website.
  • You can adjust the positioning of the live chat button in the mobile version of the widget.

Your virtual AI support :
Use one of our 20+ templates or easily create your own chatbot flow to automate 40% of your customer service conversations.

  • We offer over 20 chatbot templates that answer questions about ordering, shipping, and discounts.
  • If none of our templates fit your needs, you can create your own conversation scenario without coding, in an intuitive visual "drag and drop" editor.
  • Let chatbots finish conversations and handle simple tasks to reduce your customer service workload.

Generate more sales :
Prevent 60% of your customers from abandoning their shopping cart by offering them a discount.

  • Automatically identify prospects and contact them at the right time.
  • Easily collect emails and phone numbers of your visitors.

Respond to all channels from one place :
Connect all your channels to Tidio and respond to your customers in an instant!

  • Integrate your live chat, mailbox, Messenger and Instagram into one multi-channel communicator.
  • Talk to your customers on all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Never lose a potential customer because they contacted you on a channel you rarely use.

Empower your customer support team
Customer support automation saves companies an estimated $8 billion annually.

  • Respond immediately to the most important requests through views with assigned and unassigned messages.
  • Monitor your operators' performance with advanced analytics.
  • Answer repetitive questions faster with quick response templates.

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