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1st community of independent recruiters
Our recruitment experts are specialized by business sector (industry expertise) or by geographical area (employment basin expertise) to meet your recruitment needs efficiently.
Tool logo Solinki on the deal of Freelance Stack
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At solinki, 70% of the quality of a recruitment service depends on the quality of the consultant, and 30% on the tools available to help him/her succeed. That's why we've created a new service offering centered on recruitment experts equipped with the best technical tools to support your company over the long term, in complete confidence.

Solinki, the 1st network of independent recruitment experts. The solinki organization offers its customers 4 major advantages for their recruitment needs:

  • Quality of service,

of their independent consultants: proximity, availability and commitment to recruitment assignments.

  • Sector expertise,

of their independent consultants who have worked and managed teams in the sector concerned by your recruitment.

  • Efficiency and success,

of their independent consultants: success-based invoicing only.

  • Strength of a national network,

Shared CV libraries, multi-posting of job offers, digital tools.