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Segment for Startup

Premium Deal
The leading Customer Data Platform
$50k in credits for 12 months
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The best companies are built on unique customer data. Segment is a customer data platform that makes the right data accessible to all teams.

➡️ Segment for Startup:$50k in credits for 12months

Segment for Startup: enjoy$50k in credits for 12 months on offers from Segment for Startup through our exclusive partnership. Save $50k in credits for 12 months on a Segment for Startup deal membership.

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Segment for Startup

Empower each team with good data.
Segment collects user events from your web and mobile applications and provides a comprehensive data toolkit for every team in your organization.

Single customer view.

Real Time Audiences - Product:
Get the data right.

Understand your customer - Engineering:
- API. Cleaner code. Best-in-class SDK.
- ImageSegment features for marketing teams
- Single view of the customer.
- Unify your customer touchpoints across all platforms and channels.
- Enable in over 300 tools.
- Activate the best product analytics, A/B testing and data warehouse tools with the flip of a switch.
- Explore the segment for the product.
-Get the best tools.
- Standardize your data.
- Build privacy first.
- Image code editor.
- Segment for engineering teams.
- An API. Cleaner code. Use an API to collect analytics data, on any platform.
- We have SDKs for Javascript, iOS, Android and over 20 server-side languages.

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