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Email signature made Smart & Sexy
30% off for 3 months
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Transform your email signature into a powerful marketing channel

➡️ Scribe:30% off for 3months

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Create, install & update signatures in one click

Create :

1. Create departments with different signature templates for tailored marketing message

2. Easily create beautiful email signatures. Choose from templates with endless custom options: color, font, icons, custom fields. Add marketing element such as Call to Action or Promotional banner. No code or design skills required.

Deploy :

3. Connect your email provider (G-Suite, Outlook...) to Scribe to sync your co_worker. Then assign co-workers email to their related department

     4. Deploy signatures across your organization in one click once you feel ready. Full control on your co-workers email signature: Preview, Edit and Force install them

Analyze :

      5. Every link in your Scribe signature: CTA, Banners, Social icons, website link ... are tracked. Analyze data and optimize your conversation rate with the Scribe analytics.

Update :

      6. Update your marketing component in one click across departments. Signatures will be automatically updated in your co-workers emails.

      7. Schedule marketing campaign to automatically changed CTA or Banner in your team signatures.

Transform your signature into a powerful marketing channel

Distribution channels are saturated :

Online distribution channels are saturated which increase your Customer Acquisition Cost and decrease your Click Through Rate.

Email is an underused one :

Email is an almost free distribution channel that your team use everyday. On average a company of 10 co-workers send 2100 emails per week.

Scribe helps you to leverage it :

Scribe turns your signature into a marketing channel. Get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Inbound :

Keep them engaged with companies news and brand content.

Outbound :

Give them opportunities to interact for the first time with your brand.

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