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Discover the new standard in global HR.
50% off on STARTUP plan
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Remote helps companies of all sizes employ international teams for a low, fixed price. The company handles payroll, taxes, benefits, options and compliance in various countries around the world.

➡️ Remote:50% off on STARTUP

Remote: get50% off on STARTUP planon offers proposed by Remote thanks to our exclusive partnership. Save50% on STARTUP when you sign up for an offer at Remote.

Freelance Stack offers 400+ discounts on the best SaaS and software of the market. All these tools are for freelancers, consultants and startups.

Don't wait any longer and save money with our promo code with Remote.

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Grow your team the right way with Remote!

Hiring :

Easily hire employees and freelancers worldwide
Benefit from our local entities and expertise to avoid the time, money and risks associated with going it alone.

Benefits :

Offer competitive benefits to attract and retain top talent
Take advantage of our national benefits programs at great rates to create a sense of belonging within your team.

Payroll :

Pay your employees on a fixed date in their local currency
We ensure that your company and your employees are always in compliance with the ever-changing tax rules and regulations.

Why choose Remote?

  • A powerful platform
    Secure technologies combined with automation. All the tools you and your employees need in one great SaaS interface.
  • An unparalleled experience
    We are committed to providing an enjoyable user experience, every step of the way, for you and your teams. And we prove it.
  • Fair Price Guarantee
    No hidden fees, security deposit requests, additional costs, minimum or fixed commitments, or exclusivity agreements. Never.

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