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Your LinkedIn Relationship Manager
Elevate your LinkedIn networking effortlessly. Simplify contact management, engage with personalized bulk messaging, and monitor interactions for strategic and fruitful connections. Networking, reimagined.
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All of our deals are negotiated by our team to ensure you get the best discount and are updated regularly.
General Information

June 2024 -

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Software Information 


Manage your digital connections the way you want!

LeadDelta provides you and your team with a modern way to centralize and organize your networks. Automatically import LinkedIn connections into its personalized database alongside contacts from different platforms. Manage your contacts by categorizing them and find the right people you need in seconds. Collaborate with your team and utilize your combined network to sell, fundraise, hire, and market.

Software information of LeadDelta:

Contact Management:

Automatically sync all of your LinkedIn connections and import contacts from other platforms.

  • CRM-Like Contact View: view all of your contacts in a single easily searchable and customizable database.
  • Categorize Contacts: utilize customizable Tags to label your connections and separate them into categories.
  • Filter Your Database: find the people you are looking for by filtering all of your contacts by 15+ data points.
  • Collaborate: pool your whole team's contacts into one integrated, cross-referenced database.

Integrated Inbox:

Sync all of your LinkedIn conversations for a better messaging experience.

  • Focused Conversation: utilize Tags to categorize your contacts and easily find the conversations you are looking for. Pin the most important conversations to the top of your inbox.
  • Template Messages: create custom reusable message templates for every situation and access them with a click of a button.
  • Sales Navigator Inbox: combine your LinkedIn and Sales Navigator inbox into one window without the need to switch tabs.

LinkedIn Sidebar:

  • Connection Import : go outside your immediate network and import any LinkedIn contact into LeadDelta with a single click.
  • Contact Information: get access to 15+ data points of information about a contact while on their LinkedIn profile.
  • List Filtering : gain advanced filters while on LinkedIn search and company pages.

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