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LaGrowthMachine (LGM)

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2 months offered for 2 identities
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LaGrowthMachine (LGM) allows you to automate your multi-channel prospecting (LinkedIn + Email + Twitter), and get 3.5x more response than a traditional email prospecting.

➡️ LaGrowthMachine (LGM ): discounts of 2 months offered for 2 identities

LaGrowthMachine (LGM): take advantage of a discount of 2 months offered for 2 identities on the offers proposed by LaGrowthMachine (LGM) thanks to our exclusive partnership. Save 2 months for 2 identities on the subscription to an offer at LaGrowthMachine (LGM).

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LaGrowthMachine (LGM)

LaGrowthMachine is pleased to propose a partner offer to Freelance-Stack companies. Simplify your multi-channel prospecting with a single platform

In a few minutes, create campaigns combining LinkedIn, Email and Twitter to maximize your chances of getting a response and therefore starting a conversation with your leads.

LaGrowthMachine contains everything you need to succeed in your business development:

  • Scrapping/importing leads from LinkedIn basic and Sales Navigator
  • Automatic email enrichment
  • Automatic enrichment of phones
  • LinkedIn + Email + Twitter automation
  • Multichannel Inbox
  • CRM synchronization (Hubspot & Pipedrive)
  • Automate any workflow with our Zapier connector
  • Get the best advice for success

Scrapping/importing leads from LinkedIn basic and Sales Navigator

Prospecting means finding new leads. With LGM, you no longer need a dedicated tool to scrape leads. Import your leads directly from LinkedIn, or via API for the more advanced among you.

Yes, you understood it well, no need to take another tool on the side like Phantombuser or CaptainData! The import is included in the LGM offer.

Automatic email & phone enrichment

After importing leads from LinkedIn or CSV, LGM will automatically retrieve :

  • Pro emails - unlimited enrichment in partnership with DropContact. Again, no need to pay for an additional service, it is unlimited in your offer
  • Personal emails - very useful for recruiters or retargeting your leads!
  • Cell phones - essential for cold calling
  • Twitter accounts

No need for a DropContact or a Lusha, save your budget!

LinkedIn + Email + Twitter automation

Start with our 30 recommended sequences or create your own advanced sequences, and launch your campaigns in 20 minutes

The Multichannel Inbox to manage all your answers live!

The LGM inbox is the only truly multi-channel messaging system. It centralizes all your LinkedIn + Email conversations in a single view: ultra efficient to save a lot of time in managing responses!

  • All your conversations, in one place
  • Maximum responsiveness in minimum time
  • Collaborate as a team

CRM synchronization (Hubspot & Pipedrive)

It's impossible to do sales prospecting without CRM synchronization. With LGM, connect Hubspot or Pipedrive in 30 seconds - we do the rest:

  • Each contact is created automatically. Unless it already exists in your CRM
  • All interactions are stored in the contact form. He accepts you on LinkedIn? It's logged! He answers by email/linkedin? The content of the answer is visible there

Hubspot + LGM synchronization documentation

Documentation Pipedrive + LGM synchronization

Automate any workflow with our Zapier connector

Do you use other tools that you would like to integrate into LGM? An ATS for your recruiting? Typeform? A Calendly?

Our dedicated Zapier application is designed to allow you to create all the integrations you want

Get the best advice for success

We accompany many startups and scale-ups in their business development - we see what works, and systematically document it so that everyone can improve!

LGM is not only the best all-in-one prospecting platform, it is also real guides for :

Because having a powerful tool is good - being accompanied to take full advantage of it is better!

Not sure yet between LGM, Lemlist & Waalaxy?

Read our honest comparisons to get a concrete idea of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution

We can't wait to see what you build!

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