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ClickUp for Startup

Premium Deal
One app to replace them all.
$3 000 in credits
Satisfaction guarantee: all deals are negotiated with these providers by our team and are updated regularly.
All your work in one place: tasks, documents, chat, goals, etc.

➡️ ClickUp for Startup: $3 000 in credits

ClickUp for Startup: get $3 000 in credits on offers from ClickUp for Startup through our exclusive partnership. Save $3 000 in credits on a ClickUp for Startup offer membership.

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➡️ Description on 

ClickUp for Startup

This is the future of work.

Features :

  • List of tasks
  • Project management
  • Documents and Wikispreadsheets
  • Courriet and cat
  • Events
  • Reminders
  • Monitoring of objectives
  • Time tracking
  • Screenshots and recording
  • Resource management 
  • Comment and discussion

Switch to ClickUp ?

Automatically import your data from other "productivity" applications in minutes and instantly bring your team together.

The objectives are your mission control centre:

Monitor and manage your strategy through to execution in the same application you use for tasks, notes and planning.

Objectives are measurable. Or at least good ones are:

When you create professional development goals, OKRs allow you to quantify them.

Align everything your team works on:

  • Organise company objectives or weekly scorecards.
  • Move your backlog into an objective.
  • Follow your sprint in real time, automatically monitoring progress!
  • Link tasks from entirely different areas in ClickUp.

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