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Fluid, secure teamwork
Discover Atolia, an all-in-one, secure workspace that lets you discuss, exchange and make a success of all your projects within your team.
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40% off on "Premium" plan

All our deals are negotiated by our team to give you the best discount and are updated regularly.
This deal is available to new customers or customers on a free plan of the tool.

All our deals are negotiated by our team to give you the best discount and are updated regularly.
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Benefit from a discount of 40% off on plan "Premium" on Atolia.

Save 40% off on plan "Premium" on Atolia offer thanks to our exclusive partnership.

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A flexible solution for your collaborative needs:
No matter where you work, no matter what your digital expertise, encourage collective intelligence. Atolia adapts to your habits, not the other way around.

Internal collaboration:
Strengthen the cohesion and productivity of your teams in a unified French workspace that facilitates exchanges and access to information.

Inter-company projects:
Federate communities of professional partners: ecosystems, industries, consortia, competitiveness clusters... Cross-functional teams share expertise and achieve common goals.

Crisis management:
Gain resilience with a collaborative space dedicated to your DRP. In the event of an incident, your teams stay in touch with key contacts for rapid crisis resolution.

Create workgroups by team, project or customer, and exchange messages and documents securely.

Share the right information, at the right time, with the right people.

Atolia's integrated videoconferencing system lets you switch from writing to speaking in a single click. You can share your screen with them, or work on a whiteboard!

Plan ahead:
Bring all your projects to fruition as a team with Kanban boards! Columnar to-do lists divide up the work, so you can move forward faster and with greater peace of mind.

Each task contains a detailed description, personalized labels, lists of subtasks and attachments for agile project management.

Atolia's calendar lets you view deadlines and synchronize all your team calendars (Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook). Customized color coding enhances your overview of schedules and important tasks.

All the information you need for your day-to-day work is just a click away. Files are stored in the same secure space, accessible to the right people (employees, customers, suppliers).

Your documents in text, spreadsheet and presentation formats are always up to date with the integrated office suite.
Mobilize collective intelligence with simultaneous co-editing. Perfect for meeting minutes and sales proposals!

No need for a notice board on your premises or an intranet with knowledge pages on Atolia.

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