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Vowel for Startup

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Video Conferencing & Meeting Transcription Software
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Vowel is the tool for remote teams to host, capture, search, and share video meetings — no add-ons required.

➡️ Vowel for Startup : réductions de 6 mois offerts sur "Business"

Vowel for Startup : profitez d’une réduction de 6 mois offerts sur "Business" sur les offres proposées par Vowel for Startup grâce à notre partenariat exclusif. Economisez 6 mois offerts sur "Business" sur l’adhésion à une offre chez Vowel for Startup

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Vowel for Startup

Make your meetings delightfully productive.

✅ PREPARE : Get everyone on the same page in advance.

1- See what's coming up

Connect to Google Calendar to create and distribute agendas for your upcoming meetings.

2- No more "no agenda"

Use a go-to template or start with a blank canvas. Give everyone a head’s up on the plan.

3- Make sure everyone has a say

Get topic input from your teammates and use the agenda to share read-only updates async.

✅ MEET : Vowel combines video conferencing with live meeting transcription and notes.

1- Be heard, even on mute

React with an emoji, share a comment, or raise your hand. Talk time keeps oversharing in check.

2- Focus on participating

Vowel's automated meeting transcription means there's no old-school "processing."

3- Capture outcomes, together

Your agenda is the starting point for actionable notes anyone can contribute to or access later.

✅ ACT : A meeting's impact shouldn't end when you hang up.

1- Rewatch, on demand

Get a link to watch past meetings instantly. Jump to the highlights or watch at 2X.

2- Ctrl+F any meeting

Need to revisit a decision or action item? Quickly find who said what in the meeting transcript.

3- Clear takeaways

Turn the notes into a shareable summary of decisions, next steps, and action items.

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