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Deal Premium
We uses the data in your Google spreadsheet to create styled websites.
-25% sur l'abo. annuel
✅ Garantie de satisfaction : tous les deals sont négociés avec ces prestataires par notre équipe et sont mis à jour régulièrement.
Create ready-to-go websites in a few clicks just using the data in Google Sheet, no coding required. Add a variety of customisable features such as search, sorting, filtering, shopping cart, SEO, custom scripts and others.

➡️ Spreadsimple : réductions de -25% sur l'abo. annuel

Spreadsimple : profitez d’une réduction de -25% sur l'abo. annuel sur les offres proposées par Spreadsimple grâce à notre partenariat exclusif. Economisez -25% sur l'abo. annuel sur l’adhésion à une offre chez Spreadsimple

Freelance Stack vous propose 400+ réductions sur les meilleurs SaaS et logiciels du marché. Tous ces outils sont à destinations des indépendants, freelances, consultants et startups. 

N’attendez plus et économisez de l’argent grâce à notre code promo avec Spreadsimple.

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Easy to manage data:
Harness the power of Google Sheets to manage your inventory, prices, and orders. It supports formulas and expressions, collaborative edits, chats and many other features.

Blazing fast setup:
Compared to existing solutions, SpreadSimple saves time when you’re creating and managing content. Use it for 20 minutes, and you're all set.

Modern, feature-rich websites:
Not a professional developer? No problem! Using SpreadSimple, you can create beautiful, modern websites without the need for any special knowledge.

You get features like filtering, search, sorting, lead collection via forms, SEO and much more, right out of the box.

Managing orders and inventories is no longer a hassle. Add new items, update prices and product availability with just a few clicks in Google Sheets, a tool you’re really familiar with.

Changes you make on the inventory sheet are instantly displayed on your website. This is especially convenient if you make changes frequently.

Use the infinite variety of formulas and functions in Google Sheets to quickly calculate prices, exchange rates, import data, combine data from several sheets, etc.

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that it's easy to do. All you need is a website and traffic. Sure, you could use a self-hosted website, as long as you’re prepared to spend a time installing a CMS and adding a bunch of plugins to make it work. On top of that, each addition of a new product will eat up several minutes of your time.

SpreadSimple offers a much easier and more convenient way to do all that. Just add Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, or any other platform's products to Google Sheets to get your website up and running instantly.

Using a couple of smart formulas, you can easily automate your flow (e.g., add a referral code to each product link, or fetch product images and prices directly from the host website).

Managing menu items with Google Sheets makes it easy to respond to low inventory alerts and 86s. It's even simpler with the official Sheets app, which enables you to manage the menu from your mobile phone.

Already have a fancy cafe landing page, but tired of keeping the menu up to date? No problem! Just embed our attractive widget into any page on your existing website.

This will provide you with other features such as search for dishes, categories and filters, the ability to order a dish online, and more.

It’s hard to keep your properties up to date on the web. What if doing it was as simple as updating an Excel sheet? What about changing prices automatically, based on season or demand? It could be a challenging task if you’re using an old-school CMS. With Google Sheets, it’s a snap.

You can also automatically import RSS feeds of listings and MLSs listings to build your own convenient workflow. Spend more time on lucrative activities, and less on content management!

Create a beautiful, feature-rich directory for everything you want to advertise: jobs, events, garage sales, your crafts, pictures, etc.

Create and update items in Google Sheets – a tool you’re familiar with – effortlessly.
Your users will be able to search and filter the listings, and send you a request in one click.

In today’s competitive business environment, you need to test as many hypotheses as possible to achieve growth. This means running a lot of experiments in order to be market ready. SpreadSimple is the secret tool you can use to accomplish this goal – in minutes.

Looking for a profitable niche? Then create a bunch of SpreadSimple websites using Google Sheets as a content source, send them some traffic, and compare the results.

Google Sheets is integrated with an enormous number of services. Zapier alone supports more than 700 apps. Imagine how these integrations can supercharge your MVP!


  • Always up-to-date & Easy to manage data
  • Order form
  • Different themes
  • Flexible content representation
  • Content blocks
  • Sorting, Search, Pagination
  • Filters and categories
  • Free dedicated subdomain
  • Connect custom domain
  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • SEO: meta tags, favicon, preview image
  • Mobile friendly
  • Add Google Analytics, chats and other scripts
  • Embed as widget to external website
  • Item details page
  • Open any embedded service in popup
  • Custom integrations (Webhooks)
  • PayPal
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Header & Navigation
  • Cookie Popup
  • Content pages
  • Add-ons
  • Markdown Support

Connect the tools you use :

Take your website to the next level by connecting chats, analytics, payment getaways, automation tools, and adding content from your favorite platforms. The number of available integrations is constantly growing

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