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The Gmail CRM that makes you happy
-40% pdt 3 mois
✅ Garantie de satisfaction : tous les deals sont négociés avec ces prestataires par notre équipe et sont mis à jour régulièrement.
NetHunt offers CRM software plus excellent customer support and knowledge base for sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

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NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool that helps you manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals

An online customer relationship management tool - We built NetHunt CRM to help organize and work with your customer base as efficiently as possible:

  • no more adding new contacts manually;
  • no more cleaning up duplicate contacts;
  • no more worrying about data leaks;
  • no more reminding your team to fill in all the CRM details.

A lead management tool for sales and marketing

NetHunt automates lead generation processes and helps act on new opportunities fast. With our integration and automation features, sales teams find, organize, nurture and move their leads down the pipeline and eventually towards a purchase.

Pipeline management for sales teams

NetHunt keeps your deals organized, gives you control over your sales process, and provides insights into what works and what’s not. Here’s what you can get out of a pipeline in NetHunt CRM: track sales progress, forecast revenue, create and monitor multiple pipelines, automate sales processes.

Sales and business reports

NetHunt CRM keeps track of all the sales activity within your company and translates it into key metrics for your business. Instantly identify which parts of your sales process are working and which ones are not with the sales reports like Sales forecast, Lost reason report, Lead source report, Sales pipeline report, etc.

Capture leads effortlessly.

NetHunt CRM connects to a number of tools to make lead capturing easier for you: LinkedIn, Web Forms, Facebook, Gmail, Google Contacts, etc.
Add new leads automatically or with a click of a button, scrape lead data and pop it immediately into your CRM system, ready for nurturing

No lead falls through the cracks.

NetHunt CRM features automatic email sequences to engage prospects, leads, and customers. Fire out thousands of personalized emails at the perfect, chosen time... without lifting a finger.

Data entry? Forget about it.

Synchronize Google Contacts with NetHunt CRM automatically and at regular intervals. Get started quickly and import contacts from that messy spreadsheet you’ve been using.

Take the hard work out of working hard.

NetHunt uses algorithms to do your work for you. Our Workflows feature moves leads along sales pipelines depending on their behavior or actions, such as when they reply to an email.

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