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Track all your important keywords and get daily updates.
-40% sur l'abo.
Wincher is an extremely flexible and powerful keyword rank tracking tool that helps you to follow your progress and SEO efforts. With it's easy-to-read dashboards and powerful insights, Wincher Rank Tracker is one of the most cost-effective tools and a must-have for any online business or online marketer.

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Freelance Stack vous propose 400+ réductions sur les meilleurs SaaS et logiciels du marché. Tous ces outils sont à destinations des indépendants, freelances, consultants et startups. 

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Improve your rankings:
Boost your positions in the SERP

Track your performance:
Daily reports by e-mail

Outrank competitors:
Know their rankings and beat them

Snowball organic volumes:
Discover new important keywords

Grow your business with better SEO insights:
Working with SEO can often feel like a black box in terms of results. Our mission is to make your marketing outcomes clear.

Track your keywords:
Get a bird’s eye view of your whole site and how you rank on different keywords, as well as what you can do to improve existing pages.

Discover new keywords:
Our tools will help you find and focus on high volume keywords you didn’t know existed. More highly ranked keywords equals more traffic.

Get ranking reports:
Don’t ever fall out of the loop. We’ll send you reports and alerts with everything you need to know. You decide how often and when.

The best traffic is free:
That’s what Search Engine Optimization is all about.
We built Wincher with this one sole purpose in mind, no matter the size of your business. We help you:

  • Optimize your content for Search Engines
  • Cut down costs by smarter marketing
  • Find high volume keywords with low competition

Stay ahead of your competitors:
We give you the competitive edge you need.
Wincher lets you track your competitors and gives you updates on what they’re doing and how they’re performing. Giving you the tools and data to stay one step ahead.

  • Get alerts when their ranking changes
  • Daily competitor ranking updates
  • Find better keywords

Gorgeous reports:
Data is pretty and a report should be too.
Tired of reports containing data points you don’t need? Fear not, our reports are fully customizable and gorgeous.

  • Automated & manual reports
  • You decide what they should contain
  • White-labeled reports available in our Business plan