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The Video Interviewing Platform
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Découvrez les meilleurs talents et évoluez plus rapidement grâce à la plateforme d'entretiens vidéo conçue pour offrir une expérience incroyable aux candidats. Les candidats répondent à vos questions à leur rythme et vous pouvez consulter les réponses vidéo à votre convenance.


Increase the quantity and quality of your candidate pool by discovering and connecting with top talent remotely.

Easily communicate asynchronously across time zones. Embrace simplicity and improve engagement with short video responses.

Save time by collecting video content from your users and customers at scale. Download, edit and share whenever you are ready.

Ask questions, share answers. The ideal remote learning partner for colleges, schools and universities helping to create connections and supercharge learning.

Always Authentic
See beyond the CV. Use video interviewing to gain deeper human insight with a more natural, enjoyable and stress-free process.

Get Flexible
Interview anyone, anywhere, at any time - and on any device - thanks to 24/7 global access. The video interview platform built for the real world.

Be Inclusive
Remove bias and increase inclusivity with a structured and consistent process, creating more opportunities for everyone.

Why choose Willo?
Willo was made for people just like you. With a suite of features to meet your needs, our powerful video interview platform slots right into your workflow.

Share interviews
It's easy to share recorded video interviews with your entire team using Showcase™, you'll save time and get feedback quicker.

Any device or browser
Optimised for use across 99% of devices and browsers. No apps, downloads or log in required, Willo just works every time.

No more scheduling
100% timezone-proof, people can easily respond to your interview at a time which suits them. Get flexible!

Safe and secure
You can be confident you're in safe hands with Willo. All data is protected by the highest enterprise-grade security and fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Premium experience
Enjoy a premium user experience anytime, anywhere and everywhere - even on slow WiFi and data connections.

Intelligent questions
Ask questions that will get you better answers with our intelligent question generator, which learns with you over time.

How it works :

Step 1 - Setup
Easy to set up and write the questions you want answering.

Step 2 - Share
Share the short link to your personalised landing page.

Step 3 - Respond
Responses are recorded at a time that suits everyone.

Step 4 - Collaborate
Review, shortlist and share video responses with others.