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Create Quality SEO Content, Faster
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Create Quality SEO Content, Faster. Topic helps editors and agencies create content briefs in half the time.

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How it works ?

Consolidate Your Research

  • Enter the focus keyword for your post and using the top 30 results in Google, we'll find what headings, questions, and keywords you should include.

Rapidly Build an Outline

  • Use Topic's Outline Builder to curate the research into a comprehensive outline.
  • Need a creative assist? Their AI comes up with new ideas for you.

Optimize Before Publishing

  • Use Topic's Content Grader to quickly see what your draft is missing.
  • Create a feedback loop that ensures that every article covers what your audience is searching for.
And then, see results :

Save Time

  • Spend less time doing painstaking, manual research.

More Content

  • Scale your content program without having to hire more people

Better Content

  • Create content that’s more valuable and ranks higher than the competition.