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Debug any application with Thundra Sidekick.
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Thundra is an application debugger for remote pre & post production platforms. It enables developers debug their applications 10x faster than before. With Sidekick, developers can debug any kind of applications such as microservices with distributed architectures hosted on cloud or on-premises.


End-to-end Remote Application Debugging
Distributed tracing unified with non-breaking tracepoints. Thundra Sidekick is a remote debugger that lets you debug your cloud apps just like in your local.

How does Thundra Sidekick work?

  1.  Set Tracepoint
  2. Take the snapshot
  3. Complete visibility by distributed tracing
  4. Fix & Reload

Thundra Sidekick's cloud debugger gets connected to your code repository and lets you set tracepoints for any application running on any cloud platform. You can pull your code from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and etc.

Tracepoint is a non-breaking breakpoint integrated with Thundra's distributed technology. Simply set the tracepoints to the lines you need to get your application state with local, and global variables including the full stack trace.

When the code execution hits the tracepoint, Thundra Sidekick takes a snapshot of the variables and the call stack. Just like the code pauses in the breakpoint but it actually doesn't. All valuable data is retrieved with no performance overhead.

Thundra Sidekick connects several tracepoints in the same distributed transaction by using our novel distributed tracing technology. You are able to understand the flow in the application by navigating between snapshots of the same transaction.