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A Slackbot that monitors your team's software usage.
-50% sur l'abo. annuel
It is a Slackbot that relentlessly hunts down the inactive users and empty seats that frequently waste 30% or more of software spend. Installs in seconds and finds savings on G Suite, Zoom, Salesforce, Zendesk, Dropbox and more.


Is it simple?
Monitoring your subscription software shouldn't be a chore. After a one-time setup that takes less than 2 minutes, SubOps will run automatically in the background. Couldn't be simpler. See for yourself. There's no risk.

Is it safe?
We take privacy and security very seriously. We rely exclusively on OAuth for account creation and linking services, which is secure and provides you with a clear explanation of what information we access. SubOps only has read-access to your services for monitoring purposes and encrypts all data in transit and at rest.

Is it affordable?
We want you to see for yourself how satisfying it can be to find unused subscriptions, so SubOps is free until you find $500 in savings. If you want to continue monitoring after that, we charge a small annual fee based on your team size (from $49-$499/yr). If we can't save you more time and money than we charge, then we don't deserve your business.

Is that an octopus?
Why yes, it is. Three hearts. Eight arms. Nine brains. Incredible intelligence and the ability to juggle many tasks at once. Don't we all wish we had the added intelligence and a few extra arms to keep up with all the chores of running our business. There are so many amazing software services that help you operate more smoothly and we just want to make sure you're not paying more than you need to for these great tools.