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Simple comme Excel, puissant comme une base de données
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SeaTable is the flexible web solution to design your business processes and workflows. Put together all your information and organize your daily work more efficiently. SeaTable gives everyone in your team exactly the information that is currently need it.

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Perfectly organized :
Do not limit yourself to text and numbers. SeaTable captures all your information and stores images, documents, checkboxes, drop-down lists, and more.

With SeaTable, you have all your data in one system.

Keeping the overview :
Individual challenges require an individual perspective. Group, sort or filter your data to see only the essential or use the gallery, map or calendar to get the perfect overview.

With SeaTable, everyone on the team gets exactly the information they need.

Successful as a team :
Share your information within the team or release it to third parties. Comment on an entry and get informed about changes by e-mail.

SeaTable provides multiple sharing levels and permissions so that everyone sees only what they are supposed to see. SeaTable helps you and your team get to your destination faster.

SeaTable Cloud :
Do you like things to be uncomplicated and software should just work? Concentrate on your business and leave the operation of the cloud platform to us.

With the SeaTable Cloud, you and your team can get started immediately.

SeaTable Server :
Are you looking for maximum independence and data protection? With SeaTable Server you can install SeaTable in your own data center or wherever you want.

A license for SeaTable Enterprise Server is only required for 4 users or more.