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Outseta is the only all-in-one platform integrating CRM, subscription billing, and customer communication tools (email, live chat, and help desk) that allows subscription start-ups to launch with significantly less technical and financial overhead.


Less software, better alignment, lower overhead

Start-ups are hard enough as it is. You end up writing a significant amount of code that’s not your core product and you integrate a handful of software tools. You’re logging into your CRM for sales, your help desk for customer service, and Stripe every time you want to change your pricing. Context on the customer is invariably lost and incomplete.

But when you launch your start-up with Outseta, you’re able to get your product to market faster. You manage your entire business from behind the same login, your team is aligned, and you can easily see the big picture. A sense of calm washes over you—that’s what far less technical and financial overhead feels like.

Give your users a great experience:
We've taken care of the design and optimization of each user-facing interaction—from sign up and login to support and upgrade—so you don't have to worry about that stuff.

Add subscription checkout to your site in minutes:
Connect to Stripe and you're up and running. Iterate on pricing models without bothering your developers.

Lead to lifetime value in one place:
Easily manage your contacts, subscriptions, and customer communications all in one place—from lead capture to lifetime value.

Automate email to any segment:
Send email campaigns and automated drip sequences to any segment of prospects or customers.

Help, however users want it:
Receive, assign, and respond to customer service requests using support tickets or live chat. Publish searchable "how-to" content and other product documentation.

Sign up users and control access to your content:
Easily add subscription sign-up forms to your website, authenticate users, then show them the correct version of your product based on their subscription level.