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Deal Premium
Real time inbound marketing & sales platform.
-90% sur le plan Pro.
Generate more sales calls and increase the conversion rate. With our powerful scoring system catch leads when theyre the hottest and offer them a free 28 seconds callback.Respond faster and clone more deals. Make your phone leads wow and happy.

➡️ Limecall : réductions de -90% sur le plan Pro.

Limecall : profitez d’une réduction de -90% sur le plan Pro. sur les offres proposées par Limecall grâce à notre partenariat exclusif. Economisez -90% sur le plan Pro. sur l’adhésion à une offre chez Limecall

Freelance Stack vous propose 400+ réductions sur les meilleurs SaaS et logiciels du marché. Tous ces outils sont à destinations des indépendants, freelances, consultants et startups. 

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Please see "How to Qualify" to the following link.

The fastest way to generate more sales qualified leads by connecting your pre-qualified website visitors to the right rep instantly through live calls and meetings.

  • 15% More Conversions: Client have seen unmatched conversion rates while using the limecall platform on their online leads.
  • 2x More Qualified Leads: Limecall’s intelligent qualification platform has booked 3x more qualified meetings for our clients
  • 30% More ROI: Experience a high return on investment on your inbound acquisition channel

We help companies create more qualified pipeline and accelerate their revenue.

Business Hours:
Update your availability to reflect seasonal changes, local customs, or individual preferences to your customers

Call Analytics:
Do more than counting calls and make smarter marketing decisions using real-time analytics. LimeCall tracks callers so you can see for certain which of your campaigns are performing well

Call Masking:
Create a bridge between your agents and your customers without disclosing personal information

Call Recording:
The best way to learn from your customer is to be on the loop.

Call Routing:
Connect the right agent to the right customer as quickly as possible. Call routing enables you to connect your customers faster and route them to where they have to be

Call Staking:
Callers Stay on Hold Until You Are Available to Answer

Convert More Website Visitors Into Leads With Live Calls:
Convert your website into a lead generation machine. Talk to your hottest prospects the moment they arrive on your site and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Automatically qualify and book meetings:
Improve your customer experience by instantly enabling your qualified leads to book a meeting or start a phone call with your reps through web or call backs

Increase Qualified Leads:
Build a automated qualified lead generation machine through LimeCall’s automated lead qualification so you only work on your best SQLs by engaging with the right leads instantly

Identify Your Customers:
Get insights into every stage of the funnel from how many people filled out a form and booked a meeting or started a call, through to no shows, cancellations, and re-schedules. Start improving conversion rates from Demo Requests to Meetings Held!