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Your Database, Just Faster.
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SQL query optimization and database observability, powered by AI.

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Meet EverSQL, your personal AI-based DBA

  • EverSQL is the fastest way to optimize your database and SQL queries automatically.
  • Developers, DBAs, and DevOps engineers use EverSQL for automatic SQL tuning and indexing.
  • Their customers report their queries are 5X faster on average, just minutes after getting started.
  • Save your team 35 weekly hours on average by optimizing your SQL queries online for free.
  • EverSQL is 100% non-intrusive, and doesn't access any of your databases' sensitive data.

Get started in seconds
Choose your database type, the platform, and submit a query for optimization. You can also install the performance sensor for ongoing performance insights.

Automatic SQL Query Optimization
Smart AI-based algorithms will optimize your SQL query by automatically re-writing it and indexing it. EverSQL will tell you exactly what changed and how the magic works.

Ongoing AI-based Performance Insights
EverSQL's non-intrusive sensor will track your database performance on an ongoing basis, generate optimization insights which are quick and easy to understand and implement.