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Simple, beautiful database diagram editor for developers.
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DrawSQL is a simple, beautiful database diagram editor for developers to create, collaborate and visualize their entity relationship diagrams.

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Loved by Developers
Built for the modern development workflow.See the big picture

See the big picture
Easily visualize your database schema and see how everything fits together. Having a living document of your app schema helps when architecting a new feature or onboarding a new team member.

Streamline your development workflow
Invite your teammates to collaborate on your database diagrams. With drawSQL as a single source of truth, no need to manually sync diagram files between different developers and offline tools anymore.

Simple and pretty
Create professional diagrams that stand out. Unlike other database clients, drawSQL's editor is easy to use, looks nice, and focuses on helping you visualize your database schemas without being bloated with other database management features.


  • Import: have an existing database you want to visualise ? Import its SQL script to generate a diagram.
  • Export: download diagrams as SQL scripts to run against your database...
  • Framework integrations: generate Laravel Migrations from your diagram automatically.
  • Comments: add notes for your teammates or future self.
  • Templates: 200+ database diagrams of popular apps and packages.
  • Public diagrams: are indexed and can be viewed by anyone via a shareable link.
  • Private diagrams: restrict view and access to your diagrams.
  • Version History: tag version checkpoints for your diagram.
  • Teams: invite others into the team to collaborate on your database diagrams.
  • Public Link: share diagrams with external stakeholders.