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DeepSource for Startup

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Automated code reviews for fast moving teams
2000$ de crédits
DeepSource automatically reviews your code for bug risks, anti-patterns, performance issues, and security vulnerabilities, and reports them in the pull request. With DeepSource Autofix, we automatically fix some of the issues detected as well.


⚠️ Conditions d'éligibilité : ⚠️
1. Incorporated less than 3 years ago and have raised less than $2M in funding
2. Employ fewer than 20 employees in total

Automate code reviews with static analysis :
Find and fix code quality and security issues on every pull-request. Built for teams who move fast and don’t break things.

  • 500K+ commits analyzed
  • 6.1M+ issues resolved
  • 14s average analysis time

Detect 2,000+ issues in your codebase :
Supports Python, Go, Ruby, JavaScript, and more. Most comprehensive analysis in the industry. Actively maintained analyzers to keep false positive rate at less than 5% analyzers

Automatically create pull requests with bug fixes :
DeepSource Autofix suggests fixes for issues detected and creates pull request with the recommended changes. Avoid the grunt work of fixing these issues manually.

Code formatting on autopilot :
Run code formatters like Black, YAPF, Go fmt and more on every commit and pull request. No CI setup required.