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Customer.io for Startup

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Trigger email, push, SMS, webhooks, and more.
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Customer.io est une plateforme d'e-mail marketing conçue pour les entreprises et qui permet d'envoyer des notifications push, e-mails transactionnels, messages marketing, etc.


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Please see "Program Requirements" following the link

Build your dream messaging workflows:
Customer.io is an automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers who want more control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, and SMS messages.

Learn from your customers:
Check-in with your users and ask for feedback regularly. Find out where they need more support and prioritize it.

Purchase more products:
Leverage users’ shopping patterns and trigger campaigns when they enter a data-driven segment or perform a specific event in your app or on your site.

Re-engage Customers:
Automatically trigger a drip campaign when users meet segment conditions such as inactive or canceled.

Motivate users to purchase more:
Show users what they need. Use a specific set of data in your message and automatically display relevant content.

Onboard new users:
Keep your product or service top-of-mind, and send your first onboarding email within the hour of users signing up.

Welcome series:
Introduce your brand with a series of welcome emails. A/b test your strategy and uncover which messages perform the best.

Increase your subscription renewal rate by reminding your subscribers their renewal date is approaching and what they can expect with the membership. Now’s the time to boast about what your product or service has to offer!

Use rewards to nurture customers:
Reward users for opening and using your app. Send exclusive offers when they use the app at least 5 times a month.

Increase conversion rate:
When someone creates a new account, trigger a one-time email immediately after completion of the Sign-Up form.

Message types:
Create automated or API triggered workflows, newsletters, and transactional messages – all within one platform using the same customer data.

Send email, push, SMS, and Slack . For anything else you can dream of, we have webhooks to deliver data immediately.

Make sure a message gets delivered within a very specific time range using time delays, time windows, or wait until a user takes an action.

Technical Support:
With a 99.0% CSAT score, our Technical Support team is here to help you with platform troubleshooting.

Managed deliverability:
Customer.io’s team of email experts monitor, analyze, and advise on sender authentication and reputation to ensure maximum deliverability.

Professional services:
Our Services team provides hands-on assistance to set up your account with the essentials that allow you to keep communicating with your customers.

As a data company, we understand the importance of keeping your company’s data secure. Rest assured, your information is always protected.

Trust us with security & support :
- 99.5% Infrastructure uptime
- 397M+ API calls per day
- 8.2 Billion Messages sent last year
- 535M+ Webhooks sent last year