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Outsourced Sales & Customer Support Teams
-400$ sur l'abo.
Win and Retain More Business. CloudTask provides teams of outsourced sales, outsourced customer success and outsourced customer support experts.

➡️ CloudTask : réductions de -400$ sur l'abo.

CloudTask : profitez d’une réduction de -400$ sur l'abo. sur les offres proposées par CloudTask grâce à notre partenariat exclusif. Economisez -400$ sur l'abo. sur l’adhésion à une offre chez CloudTask

Freelance Stack vous propose 400+ réductions sur les meilleurs SaaS et logiciels du marché. Tous ces outils sont à destinations des indépendants, freelances, consultants et startups. 

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Outsourced Sales & Customer Support Teams.

Grow Your Pipeline :
Retain More Business with CloudTask.
We plug into your sales operation and deliver qualified leads that convert.

Increase Customer Revenue :
We help increase the amount of revenue your customers spend with you.

Retain More Clients :
We increase your customer satisfaction and reduce your client churn.

3 Ways To Grow Your Revenue

Acquire - Engage new prospects most likely to become your customers

Activate - Re-engage cold leads in order to convert more of your "no's" and "maybe's" into first-time buyers

Amplify - Drive upsells and renewals from your existing customers

Why CloudTask?

  • Pre-Vetted Global Talent: With our community of pre-vetted global talent, it's the quick way to source highly qualified talent from around the world with less effort on your part.
  • Less Time & Money Upfront: We’ll only arrange interviews with talent that meets your criteria, and there are no upfront cost, hidden fees, or obligations to pay until you make a hire.
  • Payment Protection: With our performance-based service agreements, you and your contractor(s) agree on milestones and if they fail to deliver, you can cancel service early -- penalty-free.