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Data Automation Platform
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Captain Data is specialized in data extraction. Our SaaS platform allows you to extract any type of data from any website.

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Automate lead generation workflows at scale - Captain Data manages your most ambitious sales & marketing workflows by extracting, enriching, and automating data from 30+ sources on the web.

The ultimate automation tool for ambitious teams : Are your tools preventing you from scaling your sales & marketing ops, creating silos?

  • Extract- Easily extract structured data from +30 sources like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google Maps.
  • Enrich- Automatically enrich, filter, and aggregate your data with 3rd-party providers.
  • Integrate- Seamlessly integrate everything inside your work tools: spreadsheets, CRMs, outreach tools...

If we’re gonna do it, let’s go big.The automation platform that doesn't let your marketing, sales, and operations teams down when you need to scale your most advanced sales & marketing workflows.

+ 30 sources to extract data from: Get the right data

LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Trust Pilot, Yellow Pages, and more… Extract data from anywhere with no limitations. If an app is missing, we’ll add it for you.

< 2 hours: average response rate. Enjoy our reactive support

Our support is managed by professional engineers with deep lead generation knowledge. They can help you fix any automation issue in minutes.

+500 automation templates. No-code workflows

You want to discover new use cases for your lead generation? Get inspired from a selection of templates ready to setup in less than 2 minutes.