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Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.
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Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone. Cal.com, the event-juggling scheduler for everyone. Focus on meeting, not making meetings.

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Meeting is simple now :
Share the link to your Cal page and let people pick a time that works for them.
Who has time to track and then send their availability to everyone for every meeting?

1- Connect your calendars
Cal reads your availability from all your existing calendars ensuring you never get double booked!

2- Set your availability
Set repeating schedules for the times of the day and week that you want people to be able to book you.

3- Create event types templates
Create templates for regularly scheduled events with availability, locations and control how and when you get booked.

4- Share your cal.com link!
Share your short cal.com personal link and make it incredibly easyy for people to book a meeting at a time that works for both of you!

Avoid meeting overload
Limit people from booking too many meetings per day or week or too close together. Set minimum notice periods so you don’t get any surprise meetings.

  • Set buffers before & after events
  • Set minimum notice periods
  • Set limits on how often you can get booked
  • Claim Username

Sync availability across all your calendars
Create multiple availability schedules and apply them to your event types. Control availability on the fly with date overrides and never get booked when you don’t want to be.

  • Default schedules for all your event types
  • Time overrides to make yourself unavailable

Scheduling for your team
Enable your team to be booked easily with Round-Robin scheduling ensuring even distribution of calls and Collective availability making it easy to get everyone on when needed.

  • Round robin scheduling
  • See availability across your team
  • Collective scheduling