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Intelligent Time Tracking App.
-30% sur l'abo. annuel
Apploye est un outil tout-en-un de gestion du temps et de la productivité qui vous aide à surveiller vos employés. Vous pouvez mesurer la productivité de vos employés grâce aux mesures de niveau d'activité, aux feuilles de temps quotidiennes et hebdomadaires, aux rapports et aux captures d'écran aléatoires.


#1 Intelligent Time Tracking App for In Office, Mobile and Remote Teams.
Track time & Increase your team's efficiency by 20%. That's an extra day every week.

All In One Time Management Software For Businesses Of All Size.

  • Track time with Apploye's desktop app with a single START click & focus on work. Clock-in & out feature right inside the desktop app to manage shift & staff attendance.
  • Use Pomodoro timer to do deep work and remained focused. Periodic break & work cycle boosts productivity.
    IDLE TIME feature reminds long time inactivity & gives friendly nudge to work.
  • Track Time From Anywhere. Hassle Free Clock In & Out On The Go With Mobile App
  • Track Time On Job Sites Geofencing Attendance & GPS Tracking
  • Track time from mobile app

Time Tracking :
Accurate time tracking for you and your team from Desktop & Mobile app.

Attendance And Leave ManagementComing Soon :
Create shift for your team members and track attendance. Track your staff's attendance & Manage leave requests.

Reporting & Dashboard :
Your command center of operation. Remain updated with key metrics of your team's performance & take data driven decision.

Task Management :
Create & Assign task & measure time worked on the task.

ScheduleComing Soon :
Google Calendar like schedule for teams. Assign tasks to your team members & schedule it.

GPSTrack - Field Service :
Optional add-on to track staffs GPS location, manage field service

Remote-Track - Optional Employee / Staff Monitoring :
Optional Add-on to track & monitor productivity of remote staffs & contractors.

Projects & Budgeting :
Manage projects, track time on projects, assign roles & keep your budget on track.

Client & Invoice :
Create your own client database & Invoice them on work done.

Team & Admin :
Manage settings and Administrative roles from your command center.

Payroll & Members :
Manage team members & pay your team accurately according to the hour worked.