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Amplitude powers your personal and daily work lives.
12 mois offerts sur le plan Growth
Give your teams self-service product data to understand your users, drive conversions, and increase engagement, growth and revenue.

➡️ Amplitude : réductions de 12 mois offerts sur le plan Growth

Amplitude : profitez d’une réduction de 12 mois offerts sur le plan Growth sur les offres proposées par Amplitude grâce à notre partenariat exclusif. Economisez 12 mois offerts sur le plan Growth sur l’adhésion à une offre chez Amplitude

Freelance Stack vous propose 400+ réductions sur les meilleurs SaaS et logiciels du marché. Tous ces outils sont à destinations des indépendants, freelances, consultants et startups. 

N’attendez plus et économisez de l’argent grâce à notre code promo avec Amplitude.

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You can register from the link provided and select the Station F partner from the list provided.


Digital disruptors choose Amplitude

  • Know how your digital product drives your business and join thousands of companies leading the digital disruption movement with Amplitude.
  • Join the thousands of companies around the world leading the digital disruption movement with Amplitude.

Optimize the business value of digital product innovation

  • Make the right digital product bets

Know and predict which combination of features and customer actions in the product (we’re talking billions of them) translate to business outcomes—revenue, loyalty and lifetime value.

  • Innovate and act with speed, intelligence and precision

With insight into which behaviors lead to outcomes, intelligently adapt and personalize each individual experience. Deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time.

  • Unify every team with common visibility

Bring a common set of customer behavior and engagement data to every team, from products to marketing and beyond. The result: better decisions, faster actions and transformed experiences.