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The best Search and Discovery Platform for your business
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Algolia is a search engine for professionals. It allows you to create, deploy, and optimize search experiences in sectors as diverse as e-commerce, mobile search, voice search, or SaaS solutions.

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Leverage Algolia across industries & use-cases : 

  • E-commerce : 

Give consumers seamless access to your product catalog via AI-powered search, discovery and recommendations, while increasing your online revenue.

  • SAas :

Enable users to easily retrieve files, contacts, events or any object within your product via our APIs. We handle security, reliability and scalability.

  • Enterprise and workplace :

Leverage our search expertise and enable your customers and employees to find the right products, content and information.

  • Media :

Create rich, relevant content discovery experiences. Drive user engagement, and increase revenue, with leading digital UX across devices.

  • Marketplaces :

Build powerful discovery on unique reference catalogs. Connect sellers and buyers with scalable, flexible search, discovery and recommendation APIs. Decrease TCO while increasing revenue.

Fast to implement ...

  • Rely on robust APIs

We power 1.5T requests per year for 10K+ customers all over the world. Our APIs are written for performance and scalability first.

  • For every developer

Use your preferred language to prototype ideas quickly and build production ready experience in no time with documentation and tools for every stack.

  • Packaged building blocks

Don’t build from scratch and leverage API building blocks to deliver the right content within milliseconds via search, navigation and recommendations.

... Fast to results

  • Improved business results

Get relevant content to the right person in milliseconds. Run continuous optimizations to generate higher conversions across any industry.

  • True omnichannel capability

Roll out and manage multiple consistent experiences across different brands, divisions and portfolios from one platform.

  • Improved competitiveness

Implement a new digital experience in days instead of months or iterate on offerings without impacting your backend.