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Best Cap Table and Equity Plan Management Software
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Get your cap table and employee participation plans right, from the beginning. Make your financing rounds a success and engage your investors and employees. Know your data is safe and compliant. Try now for free!

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Manual Excel-based processes and rigid Legacy systems don’t work for high-growth companies
When companies scale, equity plan management becomes a full-time job, cap tables start to become error-prone, which increases legal and accounting costs significantly. Creating specific data reports and signing processes can slow down finance and HR teams.

Scalable infrastructure for your equity
Ledgy delivers a flexible, modern solution that automates granting, exercising, termination, and reporting tasks, including document signing and tracking for any vesting schedule, notifications, reporting templates, and flexible data exports.

Attract and retain key talent for your company
Your employee participation plan is key to creating ownership and commitment in your company. More transparency and real-time information will motivate your employees to go the extra mile.

Privacy and security first
With best-in-class privacy regulations, and being home to leading global financial institutions, Switzerland is the ideal location for your most sensitive data. Ledgy is GDPR-compliant, and makes sure you are always in control of your data. No compromises.

Keep the trust of your investors
You want to nurture the relationship with your investors, keep their trust, and make sure they support your journey. Ledgy makes it easy to keep a close line with investors and impress them with timely, professional updates and data.

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