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Clever Cloud

Iterate Faster. You Write Code. We Run It.
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Clever Cloud exists for one purpose: helping people and companies to deliver software and services faster. We also focus on true sustainability: we want to make sure that once you app is deployed, it stays up, no matter what (high traffic, security udpates, DDoS , application failure, hardware issues and so on…).


Clever Cloud is a Europe-based PaaS company.

- We help developers deploy and run their apps with bulletproof infrastructure, automatic scaling, fair pricing and other cool features.
- We aim to make an easy-to-use service, without any vendor lock-in and able to grow with your needs.
- We created Clever Cloud because we think that industrialized hosting will allow companies to work faster, be more agile in their market, focus on their added value and stop worrying about their hosting technology.

Clever Cloud Enterprise is built as a part of your IT infrastructure, but outside of it.
That's why we've designed a specific offer around connectivity: network-isolated with dedicated runtime environments inside Clever Cloud.

Your environment is protected inside Clever Cloud, preventing your apps from sharing data outside of your network.
But still, you get the ability to allow some external services to access your in-house IT infrastructure.

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